We are mindful in our design process about the urban environment and how we can be more considered.

We look at whether we can adapt, re-use, recycle any materials and objects back into the design, providing you with an element refreshed.

We appreciate this is not always feasible and some constraints dictate – but lets find value in the smallest element – allow Rubix Design Collective to create inspiring spaces which are unique.


[ əˈdapt ] VERB verb: adapt · third person present: adapts · past tense:
adapted · past participle: adapted · present participle: adapting make
(something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify: “hospitals have had
to be adapted for modern medical practice”


vb (tr) 1. to use again n2. the act or process of using again.


(rē-sī′kəl)To collect and usually reprocess discarded materials for reuse, often in another form. For example, newspaper and other paper waste can be reprocessed to make cardboard or insulation, and plastics can be melted down and moulded into new products. Recycling helps reduce pollution and conserve natural resources