Office, Hospitality, Retail Spaces

As commercial interior designers we pride ourselves on bringing together creative interiors that are functional with efficient working spaces. Spatial design is vital to the process ensuring each business’s dynamic requirements are met.

  • Spatial Planning and Feasibility Layouts
  • Concept Design and Development
  • Bespoke Cabinetry Design
  • Working Drawings with Documentation for Building Consent|Lodgement and Construction
  • Project Costing
  • Project overseeing and relocation’s
  • Furniture & Artwork procurement


The Brief

We establish information about your business and key requirements to form an overview. How you work, the image you wish to project, branding while future proofing in mind. Key areas and functions, your budget and overall timeframes. First Consultation is free.

Preliminary Design

We conduct a site survey or have relevant information provided, an inventory established of existing, new equipment and furniture requirements.

We establish the key relationship between staff and draw on our knowledge of suppliers, the industry and building material relevant, and combined with current trends, with you in mind, forms the basis for the design.

Design Process

The design process has many layers and we tailor solutions for you to choose from or follow in succession. We work to ensure your project needs have been communicated while working with key contractors to meet deadlines while adhering to budgets and NZ standards met. We facilitate your building consents and associated reports to ensure the project is streamlined.

  • Concept floor plan, Budget Estimates and Concept Development
  • Concept Development
  • Furniture and Cabinetry Design
  • Soft Furnishings, Furniture procurement.
  • Working Drawings for Construction and Building Consent
  • Overseeing and Communication throughout the project
  • Fit out Process

We work to ensure your project needs have been communicated and work with key building contractors to meet deadlines, budgets and standards are adhered too. We can apply for building consent, fire reports and work with associated professionals. We arrange design details to ensure both Hard Fit Out and Soft Fit Out are coordinated, and work with our subcontractors to ensure your project proceeds according to plan. We oversee and are in communication at all times.